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First you move the presents, then you unwrap the skirt. Then you climb under the tree, then you do some contortionist moves to get into position and try unsuccessfully to pour fortified water into the tree stand reservoir. Then you spill water on yourself and the floor and maybe a present or two. Then you uncontort and crawl out from under the tree trying not to knock it down or electrocute yourself on the lights. Then you put it all back together until a couple days later when it's time to do it again.


Go down to the old hardware store and get some tubing, a funnel, and some zip ties. Run the tubing down the trunk of the tree and zip it. Leave about a foot of flexibility at the top. Then when you want to water your tree, you just stick the funnel into the tube and pour it in. 

Works year round for other kinds of plants too. 


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-12-03

Good idea :D

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