Christmas "Tree" Ornaments





Introduction: Christmas "Tree" Ornaments

I'm working on a step by step and just haven't had time to get it finished yet... But wanted to get something posted to tell everyone to hold onto your tree trunk from your Christmas tree for a fun project and way to remember your Christmas tree for years to come...

Each year I save the trunk from our family Christmas tree and use them to make ornaments... I'll post a step by step soon of how they are made... but here's a teaser and remember to save your Christmas tree trunk!!!



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    I recently changed phones and all of the pictures I had taken to use for the Step-by-Step Instructable were on my old phone. As My luck would have it last night I had an Issue with my old phone and I 'lost' 50% of the pictures that were on it. Of course all of the pictures taken for this were lost! So once my tree trunk from 2015's Christmas tree has dried out, I'll take pictures of me making an ornament from that trunk and the whole process, then I'll be able to complete the Step-by-Step instructable... So stay tuned.