Christmas Wooden Gift Boxes




Introduction: Christmas Wooden Gift Boxes

An attractive colourful set of gifts

Step 1: Wood From Pallets

Cut in different lengths, 50cm, 40cm, 30cm and matched together to consist a set and resemble almost a square box. I created 5 different sets, 3 in vertical and 2 side by side.

Step 2: Ribbons

Narrow beams represent the ribbons, vertical and horizontal, crossed over one side.

Step 3: Then a Bow

I cut "knots" in a free style to tighten and resemble what a real gift box would need..

Step 4: Dowels to Join

The special tool by Wolfcraft facilitates a lot the join of the wooden beams in a level surface.

Step 5: Paint in Bright Colours

Attractive colours in contrast (here in early morning check and shot).

Step 6: Deacorate Your House

Ready for an exterior (or interior, if you prefer) Christmas decoration, a bright ornament

Merry Christmas!!!



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