I decided to make wreath cookies.  Like with most of my projects, I don't know why I decided to, but I did and I have to say this is the most beautiful food project I have ever done!

I am so, so happy with how they turned out even if they took a long, long to decorate.  You might want to get some friends together to make these :D  (I started working on them at about 1pm, had interruptions such as lunch and dinner and finished these at like 1am, they started going faster when I changed the leaf making method.)

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you need to make these awesome cookies.

  • Cookie Dough of Choice (I used Scoochmaroo's Sugar Cookies except used butter extract instead of vanilla extract) - this made about 24 wreath cookies
  • Marshmallow (or regular) Fondant - I made that amount, but didn't use it all.  I'd say about half or so
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Twizzlers Pull and Peel
  • Small Red Sprinkles (or candies) of some sort
  • Corn Syrup

For putting it all together (improvise where needed):
So beautiful - have scheduled them in for next christmas! Thanks.
Awesome! I hope you enjoy them :)
They look so pretty, for real. I think I wouldn't stop eating them lol :)
I couldn't stop eating them, until I ran out!
Wow, I love them!! They are definitely too nice to eat! :D
Thanks! That's what I thought, but then I tried one!
omgosh! from the main image i thought you used gum-paste leaf cutters! lol pro!
Thanks! I was surprised how well the leaves turned out :)
Very cool! I took the basic idea and threw together a last minute rice-crispy-wreaths concept for a holiday party tonight. Many thanks!
Those are so cute!!!
They are darling! :)
Thank you!
Those look really good and a great use of Twizzlers.
Thanks! And they taste pretty good on the cookie too!
Kool... They look good and yummy.
Thank you :)
You're welcome =)
Seeing you two, I don't know why came to my mind &quot;Penelope Pitstop&quot;... :-) <br> <br>By the way, amazing cookies!!! :-)
Thank you! I'm quite proud of them!
These are awesome and really cute!

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