Christmas dancing leds by CD4017 ic and LM358 ,the leds are dancing by the music or speach,with microphone in the box
<p>in with the Delinquent Habits, very nice!</p>
<p>At first, I thought it was a bicycle seat.</p>
MINIATURE ELECTRET MICROPHONE.<br /> Where could i find such a component? How do i connect it?&nbsp;Doesn't it have any reference number like the integrated circuits used here?<br /> Thanks
Hi<br /> Micriphone you can find in old cassete radios with recording,in mobile phones,you can use anykind of electric microphone,look i&nbsp; your junk parts,if you have it :)<br /> <br />
on your schematics there are two parts. How do you connect them ? Is the second part (with transistors) in case one wants to place more than 11 leds ?
That pesky link! Thanks macobt
you welcome. If you made this,post some pictures or video regards macobt
very cool. but posting a video and a pic of the schematic isnt very informative, could you post some building details with steps and more information? this looks like a cool project to build
here is schematic and parts

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