This is a simple cheap flasher circuit for whatever you want/need 2 alternating flashing lights.

Step 1: Obtaning Materials

I used a spare light controller and spare bulbs. You can get these items at walmart or anywhere else that sells stuff like this. I used a synchronized light set, and 2 40W light bulbs.
The good thing about the Internet,we can pass out ideas like this,But why not take it up one step. Grab a computer controller that uses the Muti-Mode you know the one that chases twinkles fades and random and set up 4 Lights or what I did at one time cut the wires and taped on 4 male plugs from extension cords Label the plugs one ,two ,three,four. and plugged in regular string of lights into them.
question: can u make it so that in a circle of eight LED lights one lights up?
looks cool :-) should be more descriptive though

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