Picture of Christmas light holder
I wanted to trim out my roof line with Christmas lights but didn't want to put up a million clips and spend my whole weekend doing it.  So here is how I made some lite weight Christmas light holders.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you will need
- Coroboard 4x8 sheet (optionally painted)
- Drill with bit
- sharp knife
- C7 lights any color
- Zip ties

Anyone know a good place to get the coroboard?  I checked Home Depot and Lowes, but didn't see it there (unless I missed it).
Stryker (author)  SouthernGentleman5 years ago
Try a sign shop.  They might even have some scrap pieces.
bassdale5 years ago
great idea... heres one to make it even easer remove and install  velcro to hold it up at both ends wide strip will do and they are weather resistant.
dtitzer5 years ago
Good job. I'd considered using vinyl J-channel with the bulbs standing up, using the nail slots to hang on the facia and securing the bulbs in place with a glue gun if they're not tight.
Stryker (author)  dtitzer5 years ago
Thanks.  I considered using the J-channel but it's a lot heavier and more expensive. 
fegundez15 years ago
Great idea,one thing I did also is to run a cord from inside the attic/or under the soffitt that way you dont have the extension cords etc hanging in front of the house
dung0beetle5 years ago
its the corrugated plastic stuff used for signs and things
karossii5 years ago
I take it coroboard is corrugated cardboard?
Or is it that plastic stuff in the same pattern?