Picture of Christmas lights recycling
Do you have old Christmas lights, which last time you used 2 or 3 years ago? You would usually throw them away. But you could have 50, 100 or 200 mini light - bulbs and they can be for many uses!
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Step 1: What will you need?

Picture of What will you need?
You will need:

Christmas lights

Step 2: Removing the box from lights

Picture of Removing the box from lights
Now get pliers and cut the cords that are going to the lights and cord that is going to electricity socket. Unscrew "The box" and you will find small circuit board in it.

Step 3: Taking light bulbs out of their socket

Picture of Taking light bulbs out of their socket
Now you have to take all the light bulbs from their sockets. This may take some time, but it's worthwhile. When you're finished put light bulbs in case. You will probably not need the cords and sockets so you can just throw them away.

Step 4: Be creative!

Now when you have a lot of mini light bulbs create something with them and post it on Instructables! You can create throwies, more Christmas lights, decorations and many other stuff.
onemoroni13 years ago
I had some battery powered (clear) lights and used them for the head lights and tail lights in a model car. It was a mustang and the head lights had a yellow glow that looked realistic. Ran wires out the bottom of the model to a battery pack. Peace
doo da do3 years ago
What is the voltage needed? Doodado
georion3 years ago
mintmocha123 years ago
let me know what you do with them, cause i did this at christmas time, but didnt know what to do with them
drgnlady8014 years ago
Never throw away the cords, they can be recycled for the copper. Make a tiny amout of money also.
sculptur5 years ago
you could scrap the cables i made quite a bit of money with insulated wire at the scrap yard
nani20105 years ago
its good and nice, plz add some more tips if u can.
ikssk5 years ago
you can break the ends off, fill them with gun powder and use them as blasting caps for model rockets
lemonie5 years ago
I did this at the weekend, but didn't need the screwdriver or pliers to extract the bulbs. Like you I haven't got around to using them yet.