Learn how to make this stunning Christmas medallion card and wow the friend or family member you send it to.

It features a 3D, glittery medallion design that is created by rubber stamping and decoupage techniques.

This card is also available to buy at my Etsy store

Step 1: Materials Needed

The following is a list of the materials needed to complete this card:

Medallion rubber stamp,
Merry Christmas rubber stamp,
Red cardstock,
Ivory cardstock,
Embossing ink pad,
Gold embossing powder,
Heat tool,
Glue pen,
Double sided tape pen,
Red and green glitter,
3D foam pads,
Paper trimmer,
Scoring tool.
<p>Where can I get the medallion stamp? I live in Canada.</p>
Exact and nice *
This is so beautiful o.o thatnks for sharing :3<br />
Chelle,&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; what's the name of this Holly Berry House stamp?&nbsp; I know its one of their Christmas ones......Holly Berry??<br /> Do you use the art glitter &quot;dries clear&quot; adhesive ?<br /> Its so pretty, I&nbsp;keep coming back to look at it!<br /> Annie<br />
Hi Annie,<br /> <br /> The stamp is called Morning Melody.<br /> I use Quickie Glue by Sakura. It is a pen that has a pinpoint nib, like a gel pen but glue. It's amazing because it allows you to add glue with the precision of a pen. I think it dries clear, but the glitter gives such good coverage I don't have an issue with the glue showing through. Btw, if you haven't tried Sakura's gelly roll and stardust pens they are a must also. They're great for colouring in stamped images.<br /> <br /> Chelle<br />
WOAH! ITs gorgeous! I definitely have to try this <br />
This is beautiful!!&nbsp; I make medallion cards also, but none so lovely as this!<br /> <br /> Where do you get your glitter from.&nbsp; I got a couple of bad (unsparkly) batches of glitter......Is there somewhere you can buy really good glitter in bulk?<br /> <br /> I don't understand why this only got a 3 star rating.......I'm new at this so maybe I don't understand something....?<br />
Hi&nbsp;Annie,<br /> <br /> Thank you for the very kind comment. <br /> <br /> The glitter I use is called Pee Wee glitters by Art Institute Glitter. I bought mine back in the UK, but if you google it it comes right up. They come in packs of 7 colours, and there are many different coloured kits available. As the name implies, the volume you get is pretty small and considering the small amount it is a bit spendy. But the result you get is amazing. So in my opinion the price is worth it. Unfortunately I have not yet come across nice glitter in bulk. It seems you often have to compromise.<br /> <br /> Hopefully I can get more stars in the future!<br /> <br /> Thanks again for looking,<br /> Chelle<br />
This is great. You should enter the Holiday Card contest.
Thanks. I tried to enter the contest but because I published this before the start date of the contest it isn't eligible for it! Annoying!
Very nice. Glitter is always fun for Christmas. Thank you for some inspiration!
Beautiful thank you for showing us how to do this. Very easy to follow direction.(seen on Flicker) If,you can't find a medallion stamp you can use nested shapes from "Hot of the press" they do the same thing. Yes it is worth the time for those special people on your list. There is nothing better then getting a handmade because you know it was made with love. Merry Christmas Happy New Year to ALL!!
Nice project. Feels like it would take some time though so perhaps for that special someone and not all 200+ xmas-cards.
Wow. That looks so nice and would be a great way to spread the Holiday Cheer! Thanks so much, I've been looking for something to do to get into the holiday mood as well as being crafty. I think I'll have to start on this right away!

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