I think a lot of us have enjoyed Tim Burtons' "The Nightmare Before Christmas". For me it was a great overlap of two decorative holidays. I think this is how a lot of people see it, because it has become the tradition of Disneyland to adapt that style to its Haunted Mansion each year.

Anyone who has been on the ride knows of the monstrous Man Eating Wreath that greats you fairly early in the ride. Well I will be going through steps on how to make one for your own house.

I know there are a few other Instructables on this but I wanted to simplify the procedure and work on how animated the final creation looked.

Keep note that everything was purchased at a local Walmart. As we go along I will make note of prices. In the end you may be surprised just how cheap it can be to make one of these on your own!

Step 1: 1-1 the Back Body

Keeping things on the cheap will mean that the standard green wreath is a bit thin for a monster of this style. Honestly would you be afraid of a thin shrub who would probably freeze in the snow? So in this build instead of using just one wreath we will be using two.

The first one, the back, is a 20in wreath that can be picked up for $2-$3.

This wreath will be spread outward from its ring as shown.

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