Christmas Ornaments From Toys!





Introduction: Christmas Ornaments From Toys!

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Toys as ornaments!

Step 1:

My cat loves to climb and steal ornaments,so glass is
a no no.

Step 2: Anything Goes

This is just a simple idea of using toys from happy meals
and such as ornaments on the tree.
Lots of this stuff are toys my kids and I loved, so they mean
something more than ornaments made for that purpose.
Guests look over our tree and laugh and point out catdog
or spock or the float from animal house. The keys from
a crib they had 5 years ago can trigger a story of baby's
first Christmas.

Step 3:

Some items can hang but others need a hook. I tie a ribbon on
some items, while others a teacup hook is screwed into the top.
Plastic figures need a pilot hole drilled into their head and the
teacup hook inserted.

Step 4:

Don't be bashful, some people might poo poo the idea,
but hey! it's our tree. My kids love to put the ornaments
on. Since they are kid toys, they are safe.

Step 5:

Have a Merry Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.



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    Instead of a teacup hook like you said, I picked up a pack of screw eyes in 15/32" (small ones) there was 14 in a pack for a buck! They are actually identical to a lot of the hangers on most 'manufactured' ornaments. Then just string through ribbon, yarn, whatever you are using and hang it up. Some toys still require a little force to get them started but it makes it look neat and store bought.

    This is one of those : "Why didn't I think of that?" ideas!! I LOVE IT!!! I have tons of silly little toys and trinkets that I collect and most of the time, they just sit on a shelf. This is a wonderful way to display all those things that I love so much. Thank you for posting this!!!

    I am so glad you shared this...this craft has been a tradition in my home for many years, and it is one that really creates a spark in children. We didn't always have a lot of money for gifts, but the kids always loved loved loved getting out all the toys to hang on the tree.

    I have been saving fast food restaurant kids meal toys for over 20 years to decorate our Christmas tree each year. My sons are now 19 and 21 and each year there are oooo's and ahhhh's "I remember this toy", "I remember that toy". And they still play with them while we decorate the tree. It's become a family tradition that we all love. Great instructable.

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    This is the tradition in our home as well...all these years later the kids still prefer these over regular ornaments. I used to change my tree every year, but they won't go for it. :) I started making them and giving them away to other people's kids for their trees. For some reason, all the kids really love them more than the Hallmark type character ornaments. Not to mention you can't get every toy character made into an ornament. So now I have a box I collect them in during the year from scouring garage sales and get started on new ones a little after Halloween. It brings back great memories for me...remembering when we all sat around the table making them.

    What a great way to use all those toys from our childhood we no longer play with..... Definitly something I am going to have to do now :D Sounds too easy not to do it :D

    I do this also,we call it our kid-friendly tree,brings back so many happy memories of when my children were young...Grandkids love it...

    I collect those little candy filled toys with the keychain type top, Sponge Bob, etc, during the year at the "after holiday" sales, and using them to decorate several different colored 12" Christmas trees for my grandchildren. I have also used Matchbox type cars with a ribbon hanger hot glued to the roofs and tiny dolls.  I do different colored trees, each with a different theme, for each grandchild.  As the children's interests change, I change their individual trees. The kids love having their special trees each year, and it is tons of fun for me to come up with different ideas.

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    You are one cool grandma! Thanks for the this great grandma ideas!

    I agree very cool... If you would like to put one of these RC Tanks on my tree this Xmas please feel free :)

    That is just adorable!!! I have some vintage wooden blocks that would be so cute as ornaments....thanks for sharing a great idea, love the pics too!

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    thanks, i think it makes the tree more for everyone in the
    family and  personal. the kids say "hey that
    was my old bink" or whatever. fun