This project has been made by the students from Karkhana (Anjish , Sakchyam, Siddhartha)

Step 1: Making the Tree

A Christmas tree using a chart paper

Link =

Step 2: Striping the Plastic

Divide the wires into 3 parts and strip those parts

Do it for 8 wires

Step 3: Soldering

Solder the led into the gaps of the wire

Step 4: Sticking the Wire

Then stick the wire inside the tree and take out the led from the holes

Step 5: Connecting

Connect all the wires in parallel connection

Step 6: Lighting Them

Use resistors,batteries, alligetor wire to light them up!

<p>Daww it's so pretty and festive, and I love that you combined paper crafts with electronics!</p>

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