Picture of Christmas tree Christmas ornament
A Christmas tree for your Christmas tree.


rolling pin
small knife
cutting board
multiblade scissors
paintbrush (if painting)
hot glue gun
gel glue - I find Krazy Glue to not be sufficiently gel-like, try another brand
small bowl or plate (for seed beads)


clay - I used paper clay for its lightness, but it has to be painted, which is a pain
cardboard or paper for template
matte green and glossy black paint (if painting the clay)
earring finding (or a loop of wire) to hang wire from
white or silver seed beads, ~2mm
6mm red beads, one per tree
star confetti
wire to hang ornament
(optional: sticker labels to put on wire)

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Step 1: Form the trees

Picture of Form the trees
Trace a triangle on cardboard or paper of the desired size, to serve as a template. (Mine is about 1-3/4" (4.5cm).) Roll out paper clay (or green clay, if you're going that route) on a cutting board to about 1/16" (2mm) thickness. Using the template, cut out triangles, two for each tree.

Take one of the earring findings or a loop of wire - the ones I used are something I found in a hardware store, but I'm not even sure what they're called. Roll a bit of paper clay (or black clay) around the wire to make the trunk. Make the bottom thicker than the top, as shown.

Sandwich the trunk between two triangles, making sure that the loop is right at the top of the triangles, with the hole aligned so that the hanging wire can go through it in the same plane as the triangles.

Step 2: Put the branches on the trees

Picture of Put the branches on the trees
Using a multiblade scissors, cut into the tree to form the branches. I found it was best to start with the lower branches. You can cut all the way in to separate the branches entirely, or just deeply indent the branches as I have done. Let the trees dry, making sure they dry flat.