This set of Christmas tree-shaped shelves came about because we have a puppy to whom pine needles are some sort of canine equivalent of catnip and whose behavior around wrapped things inevitably results in rapid shredding thereof. We thought about various solutions for a while, and present tree [sic] came up with this design. It was made using scrap plywood, knocks down for storage, and has close to 6' of linear shelf storage for presents. It can be decorated conventionally, but doesn't need watering...

Step 1: Materials and tools

You need plywood (5/8" and 3/8") and saws for this project. I used a circular saw with a home-made guide and a miter saw. It was assembled with a nailgun and wood glue and half a dozen screws. Paint for finishing. I had no budget to make these shelves but I did have a lot of left over bits of plywood from other projects and some green paint, so it was a freebie.
That's so creative!
I think you should put racks on the trunk, but other than that its pretty good. :)
What an awesome idea! I love it! :D
This is super cool
this is a great idea, I really like it! <br>
Love it.

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