In this holiday season, almost everyone has done their Christmas tree in your home, small or large. In this post, we will see how to create a Christmas tree with a few €, using Arduino. Through this microcontroller will be able to choose from several different profiles, which allow you to sing and illuminate our "tree".

What do you need?

Arduino Uno 
Infrared remote control 
Box Pandore / Panettone 
Felt-tip pens or watercolors 

Step 1: Explanation of the Project

Explanation of the project

At the base of the project, there are several components, each with a specific goal:


The LEDs are simply diodes that light up when there is a current step, typically a few tens of mA. The potential drop between the anode and cathode is typically a few volts


This device allows you to play the Arduino through a current flow in the device. Through the calculation of the period of a particular note, you can play it with your device. Here's the full list:

<p>I'm looking to find and build an Arduino controlled; sound activated CHRISTmas tree 200-500 LED (each seperate LED can be switch to red, green or blue) lighting system that has an audio input and\or microphone that responds to either room noise (including music being played &amp; voice) or connect your tunes to it so that the Tree (room, whatever) responds to the sound. </p>

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