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Introduction: Christmas Window Lighting Frames

I'm no Clark W. Griswold Christmas light fanatic, but I do like the look of a nicely lit window during the holiday season.  The problem is that in order to look nice you have to hang each light on a separate clip.   So here is how I made some outdoor lighting window frames that are lite, strong and easy to put up and store away. 

Step 1: Prep and Supplies

Here is what you need to do,
  Measure all the windows you want to trim.  Then go to your local home improvement store and buy enough plastic lattice framing to cover your measurements plus some mistakes.  This stuff isn't the cheapest but it's easy to work with and should last forever.  While you are there pick up  4 'L" brackets for each window.

- Lattice framing (per measurements)
- L brackets (4 for each frame)
- Drill (for screw pilot holes)
- Flat head screw driver
- Mitersaw or handsaw
- C7 strings of Christmas lights.
- Wire stripper, electrical tape
- Hooks,Velcro

Step 2: Assembly

Begin by measuring and cutting at 45 degree angles to build your frames.  If you need help with this you might not want to do this project or get a friend with the necessary skills to help.

Next drill pilot holes and attach the "L" brackets to the corners.

I recommend you take your first assembled frame out to the window and double check your measurements and make sure you have room to hang the frames.

After your frame is completed, unpack a string of lights and confirm that it works.  Then push each light socket into the channel of the frame.  Some go in easily others will need a little assistance from a flat head screwdriver to pry open the channel a little bit.  Be sure to line up the lights across from one another to get a nice clean look.  Are the lights still working? Good.

If you run out of lights before the frame is complete you will need to splice in more.  Again if you don't know how to do this get some help.  You can easily ruin the lights, get electrocuted, or even start a fire.

When you are done it should look like the pictures below and you are ready to hang them up.   I used some strong velcro and nails, but you will have to decide what works best for your house. 

Step 3: Finished

Here is how mine look on the house.  I made custom length extension cords for each frame.   It's very easy to do,  cheaper and liter than a bunch of orange cords hanging all over your house.  I hope you like my version of Christmas light frames and maybe give it a try yourself.  For other cool DIY Christmas lighting ideas check out or some of my other projects

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    Decorated your windows with ease by using [ Frame your Holiday ]


    Just made my frame tonight, it came out great. Had to go/phone several hardware/building stores for the lattice framing. Everyone sells a wood lattice framing that is a 2X4 wood with a channel in it. This would make a very heavy window frame. Found a solid vinyl with a wood grain pattern molded in to it at a building centre. Link is here for the Canadian folks: [url=] u moulding [/url] it is approx. 1"X2". Good Luck everyone.

     I got inspired by this! Next year I think I am going to try to decorated my whole house in a similar fashion. I am thinking that it would be easy to buy cheap PVC, split it in two and drill holes for the lights. Hot glue them in and seal the tubing back up. Basically making a long light stick. Make them custom lengths and then frame the house with them....the roof (1 big square) down each front corner of the house, porch, door, etc. It would be super-fast to install each year as well. Plus with PVC, you have all the pre-made 90 degree fittings. Even 45 degree if you need them.

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    Now you got me thinking.  What if you cut out just enough of the PVC pipe and don't glue it back together?  The fittings would hold the unit together, even if the pipe is split in the back.  

    Or, maybe even cut the PVC pipe in half and glue the halves in the fittings.  That way, you could easily go back and remove lights if you have to.  It's possible that simply gluing the fittings on would make the rectangles strong enough.

    I like the plastic lattice idea but it looks like it costs about $8.25 for two four-foot lengths.  With all the windows in my house, that may cost a small fortune.  But half of a ten-foot PVC pipe would go a long, long way.

    How about buying wider diameter PVC and cutting holes for the lights and fish the light strand down the tube.  This would keep the tube strong and the lights accessible.

    I can't picture what you are saying?  I would really be open to this if I can understand!  I am sure you are not saying the pipe needs to be as big around as my hand, but how can you fish the light socket thru the hole you drilled without pushing it thru by hand?

    PVC pipe is amazingly strong and I bet I can use a dado blade on a table saw and cut a kerf wide enough to put in the lights.  You could even do a plunge cut and leave an inch or two at either end of the pipe to shove into the pipe fitting.  That way, there is no compromise in strength.

    But, let it be known, this is one heck of a great idea you had!  The only thing that may be better is to purchase replacement screens and drill holes thru the frames to insert the lights.  That way, you would not need to build anything nor would you need to find a way to fasten it to the windows.  And if you do not like the lights being perpendicular to the screen, you could buy some of those plastic self-adhesive light holders and paste them all around the inside of the screen to get the same effect as yours.

    The links provided do not work and how is the lights unit hung up?

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    Thanks for the heads up on the links.  I think I fixed them.   I hung the frames with two nails on the top and double sided Velcro on the bottoms.  Some of them are sitting on the window sills.


    I am pretty curious about homemade extension chords though!!

    1 reply

    By homemade I mean I'm using the Spt1 wire cut to custom lengths.

    Great work!

    I was just thinking about something like this last week when we brought home new LED lights to put up.  Fabulous idea!  I wouldn't have thought of using the lattice framing, which seems to work perfectly and is weather resistant.  Thanks for the instructable, I hope mine turn out as well.

    Great idea!  Having my Christmas lights look nice and orderly appeals to me. 

    I have to ask, is there another name for Lattice framing?  I went to my local Lowes (bearing in mind that I live in New Mexico) and asked for Lattice framing.  Judging by the look I got from the associate I asked I would've been just as well off  saying Ziggy Zoggy Ziggy Zoggy Oi Oi Oi. 

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    This is a great idea! I hate to put up Christmas lights but my wife loves them so this makes it a snap for the windows, and she thinks they look so pretty.