This Winter/Christmas wreath is almost free and very easy to make in an afternoon,
you can find all materials in nature,
only the gluesticks and some optional decorations cost a few bugs.

Your not forced to do this as a wreath, you could use the same technique for a rectangular or maybe a star shaped centerpiece.

Hope you like it :)

Step 1: Materials

Leave your house for once and get the needed stuff from mother nature.

14 ft ( 4metres)  of thin branches (diameter ca 0,5 inch and less) i chose willow because it growes back very quickly.
some small pinecones
moss (Cladonia rangiferina) dries very quickly, (if you can't find it there's some in your craft store :P)

Gluegun (3-4 sticks needed)
secateurs for the branches
pen and paper
protractor (what a word)

Optional for decoration:
gold/silver spray paint
pearl-garland and a candle
i'll make one of this. thanks for sharing
i'll make one of this. thanks for sharing
Sweeeeeeet :) thank you for sharing, this is absolutely lovely :)
Gorgeous wreath!
thank you :)<br>today i went out for one more moss-and cone raid!<br>a whole bucket waits to be wreathed :)
Very pretty wreath! It welcomes the holidays! thanks for sharing!<br>Sunshiine
thank you :)<br>I'm in desperate need for snow and christmas feeling (okay maybe a little early, but it's dark out there :) )<br>that's why I came up with it.

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