Built utilizing a 24 Channel High Current USB LED Controller to control 12 volt RGB LED Light Strip, in 8 separate groups. Each group has individual 8-bit PWM which can create over 16 million colors. And is driven at full current for maximum color saturation and accuracy. Using the ColorMotion Compatible Firmware, various colors patterns and effects can be created in the software and the uploaded to the device for it to run by itself, without a computer. 

This device contains 8 groups of 2 segments(6 RGB LEDs) of 12v RGB LED Strip spaced out on a 2" ID white PVC pipe, encircled in a 6" diameter tube of white/cloudy plastic. Supported by two 6" plywood discs. Its fairly simple and creates very eye catching effects. A favorite of everyone who sees it.

Electronic Kits including a 24 Channel High Current USB LED Controller Kit, 16 sections of 12v RGB LED Strip, Dual-Voltage 12v & 5v PSU with Panel mount DC jack, and all the required Wire, is available for purchase. RGB LED Tube Light, 8 Channel , Electronics Kit

Or get a Full kit, with all the required electronics, the PVC Pipe, the Plastic Sheeting, the end caps all ready to use. RGB LED Tube Light, 8 Channel, Full Kit

Step 1: Supplies & Tools

Kits with all the electronic parts, including: 24 Channel High Current LED Controller Kit, 16 sections(3 RGB LEDs per) of 12v RGB LED strip, Dual-Voltage PSU with Panel mount DC jack, and Wire Can be Found in The Store

Or get a Full kit, with all the electronic parts listed above, the PVC pipe, the Plastic Sheeting, the end caps ready to use. Find it Here

Electronic Parts:
Power Supply: There are some options here, but you need at least 12v @ 1A and 5v @ 500ma
  1. Dual PSU with 12v @ 1A and 5v @ 500ma Power Supply(included with the full kit) Like This One
  2. 12v PSU @ 2A or more and a 5v step-down circuit or a DC/DC Converter

Hardware Parts:
  • 2" ID PVC Pipe, white is best, got it from Home Depot, 10ft for ~$6, cut to 30.5" if following exactly, otherwise measure!
  • 2x 1/2" thick, 6" Diameter Plywood disc endcaps
  • 32" x 19.25" x 50mil thick, HDPE Cloudy Plastic Sheet**
  • 1/8th Pope Rivets, I used white ones.
  • White Spray Paint
  • Aluminum Tape, or adhesive reflective film.
** This might be hard to find, I bought some 48"x24" sheets through a wholesale distributor. I have no idea where else it could be found.
There are many things that could be utilized, such as semi-translucent paper(rice paper?) or some other type of plastic.

  • Jigsaw or bandsaw
  • Sander or Sandpaper
  • Soldering Iron
  • Power Drill or Drill Press
  • Razor or Rotary cutter to cut the plastic sheeting.
  • Sizzors
  • Pop Rivet Gun and Rivets(I used white ones)

You can buy the project electronically circuit board and firmware hex and how much will it cost, I will list free money and you tell me the files
The Eagle Schematic file, PCB file are available for download on the 24 Channel Controller's Instructable, along with the Demo version of the firmware, its all free. Follow the ColorMotion link to my website to download the software, which is also free.
Hello Software and hex file or a working demo version.
looks awesome! what is the total cost of this project?
I have kits for sale for those that want an easy route. But the 24 Channel LED Controller's Eagle schematic and PCB files are posted on Step 1 of it's Instructable. So if you collect and build everything yourself, it would cost about $60 to $80

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