Step 4: Gawp at the Results.

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I was really blown away. In some of the pictures the flash makes it look more scratchy than it really is. I don't think I'd use this on a top dollar bike, but I hope a top dollar bike would have better chrome (and better care).
sunofgod4 years ago
To protect the restored shiny chrome carefully spray with your favorite lubricating oil spray and then polish with an old cloth. This leaves a protective film on the metal which repels water. This is good for cleaning, polishing and protecting
and only takes a few moments effort every time you clean the motorcycle
to keep it looking good.
Aside from a little elbow grease what makes this method better than chrome polish ?
ronmaggi5 years ago
The phosphoric acid in the cola is what does the trick. I have used regular cola without the foil on engine parts. The sugar helps hold the phosphoric acid onto the parts while soaking. After seeing what cola can do to rust you may want to try www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Carbonated-Beverages/
xchef95x6 years ago
so just scrub with Dt. Pepsi and Aluminum foil? That sounds to easy, whats the catch?
tcase7 years ago
I used to work for a company called PinWall cycles. We just used the extremely fine steel wool I always told them they were putting fine scrathes into the metal, but they didnt listen. this sounds better, I'll keep it in mind.
Zak8 years ago
Aluminum foil probably gives an electrolytic effect like it does on slver, removing the rust without the need for rubbing.