Picture of Chrome Rim Drawing Tutorial
Hi everyone :)

In this tutorial you can learn how to draw a realistic chrome rim!
The tutorial consists of a video at the start where I draw the rim,
and a step by step picture guide with explanation. I have also
included a drawingvideo at the last step, where I draw an entire
chopper bike. Remember to have fun drawing, and I will gladly
comment you if you send a photo of your rim drawing
(contact me via my website).

Estimated time to finish: 3, 5 hours
Tools: Mechanical pencil 0, 5
pencils HB, 2B, 4B, 5B
Blending stick or a Q-tip

Step 1: Reference photo

Picture of Reference photo
I have chosen a car from the movie 2 fast 2 furious as reference picture. This rim is very
detailed and quite shiny, so it's a good picture to draw. The photo that I found was not too big,
so I made the drawing a bit lager. That's why I have written the numbers on the drawing in the
next step, and then you can check if you have the size and geometrics worked out right :)
Keiah1 month ago

great tips

bhanon8154 months ago

nice job amazing

Sub! ^_^

bforrester2 years ago
dashzar2 years ago
How long did this drawing take you to complete?
It looks so realistic!
breumer3 years ago
Wow that1s awesome!
Malhecho3 years ago
killer im trying to improve my skills im really terrible.
your skills are amazing! i really like this instructable too:)
and i have to add, do you by chance have a deviantart account?
i googled 2 fast 2 furious but it didnt come up
i have tried seen so many different tutorials but yours is the best i have seen 5* yay :P
Oblivitus6 years ago
Great job, I can't draw reflective objects at all. Here are two of my drawings.
Einstein 2.JPGPICT0007.JPG
Nice and pretty
bullet-head5 years ago
Another amazing tut, I Drew the whole car, it took me about 8 hours on a 16" by 23" sheet , it looks great, I wish i could post a pic, but have no camera.
Without being very good at art to begin with, these instructions don't help. Being the mediocre artist wanna-be that I am, this helps me none at all. However an experienced artist may find this very useful. 4 *
Damn, you're good at what you do! How long did the bike take?
The Artist (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
thank you, the bike took about 14-15 hours! three days with some drawing every day.
Beautiful! and such patience!
Rishnai7 years ago
Badass bike! Is it from a photo, or your own imagination?
its from a photo. if u watch the vid
RFilyaw7 years ago
Dang. Usually I don't like Metacafe, but you deserve props for this one. It makes me ashamed to call what I do 'Art' (for which I'm hoping to post some instructables soon) I totally understand how long it takes to finish a work, too. You could start on a drawing, then when you're almost done with just the most basic line art, an hour is gone. Great job.
The Artist (author)  RFilyaw7 years ago
yes indeed it takes a looooooot of time :) thank you for your nice comment!
bazl7 years ago
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT saw Chip Foose do something similar on tv. He`s good but you`re better. BAZL.
The Artist (author)  bazl7 years ago
oh my thats on hell of an compliment! thank you hehe
Kristy4n7 years ago
Man , can't say anything but RespecT ! Keep up the good job and maybe more instructs ;)
duck-lemon7 years ago
OMG!!! HE SO TOTALLY DID NOT JUST DO THAT! Lol your an awesome artist.
Andruha11237 years ago
you are freaking amazing.
cry_wolf7 years ago
You're just amazing buddy. Didn't know you still did stuff here. :D I love how you create the lighting effects. They are absolutely amazing, its what brings the drawing to life. Ive been drawing alot more and taking some of your advice, but still got a long way to go until im close to your skill level. But i recently did draw a graffiti/calligraphy piece for this girl, it was good stuff :D Do you do any other art styles?
The Artist (author)  cry_wolf7 years ago
Hi cry_wolf! nice to talk to you again :) Yes I'm still around hehe. thanks for the compliments buddy. I do a lot of different styles, acrylic painting and even some digital 3d work! but it's traditional art and realism that i master the best. it takes forever to just understand how to use a 3d program!
Oh yeah, those 3D programs take forever to master. I've got a friend who is just stunning with the free 3D rendering program Blender. I do some acrylic painting and oil painting too :D
ker-boom1017 years ago
Hehe you wouldnt mind if i used this idea for my art sketch i have to hand in right? is that legal btw im just going to follow your instruction and hopefully it will turn out as good XD
The Artist (author)  ker-boom1017 years ago
You're welcome :) just glad I can help you !
Hereactually turns out the rims were too hard so i went on your wbstie saw your watch drawing and got inspired and i went on googled it up and i decided to draw this one
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Wow! very nice!
The Artist (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
It sure took some time to make this Instructable, so its nice to be appreciated! thank you

You're awesome.

+1 rating.
The Artist (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
hooray thanks for that! :-D