Picture of Chrome silver powder coat and vintage racing wheel customization

In this instructable I want to show you how to take an old rusty car rim and transform it into a vintage racing beauty. I used Techshop San Francisco for all aspects of the project

Step 1: Rust be gone!

Picture of Rust be gone!

The most effective way to remove this kind of deep set surface rust is to use a blast media cabinet. I'm gonna use garnet media and glass beads.

I'll tell ya right now, like any paint job, the application of the paint is the quickest and easiest part of the process - the prep is what takes the real discipline to really nail down. If you look closely here, you will see where I succeeded and where I lacked the moral character to be patient. Some of you deadline oriented non-perfectionists will identify.

Perfectionists will sieze the opportunity to share disdain and point out the flaws - I'll be forging ahead with and without flaws since I am building a car that drives down dirt roads . . . and I can live with a bit of criticism about my methods - after all I have two teenage girls - I know how to recieve criticism!

ajrg912 years ago
I don't know about this, but... Does opening holes into the original wheel will make it less resistant to impact or weight of the car?

Nice instructable btw!
johnv4743 years ago
Yes, very cool!