Picture of Chuck Taylor All Stars in Clay!
Show your love of Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes with this Polymer Clay Project and make a keychain, a pendant or a pair of earrings! You can make yours in your favourite color by following along with this Instructable.

For this project you will need polymer clay in:
(I used Premo Sculpey)

Raw Sienna
Premo Accents Silver (optional)

Various tools: (work mat, roller, detail tools)

Jewelry finding(s): for earrings, pendant, or keychain (will be attached before baking)

For baking: a baking pan dedicated for polymer clay (or a pan covered in foil).
(Do not use pans with food after baking with polymer clay).

So Let's get started with our Chuck's...
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Step 1: Getting Started & Some Tips

Picture of Getting Started & Some Tips
Before you begin, ensure that you have conditioned your clay (worked and kneaded it to distribute plasticizers and to make clay more pliable).

These Chuck Taylor's are small (about an inch long), so you won't need very much clay. I conditioned a 1/2 ounce of white, black, raw sienna and only a 1/4 ounce of the silver (optional, for the eyelets, but you can use white if you don't have silver handy). You will have left over clay!

Make sure that you clean your hands and work surface between clay colors to avoid color contamination. Baby wipes or hand sanitizer work well to clean up between clay colors. 

And don't forget to leave me a comment and post pictures of your Chuck Taylor All Star's!
bajablue9 months ago

Cuter than CUTE, CG!!!!!

very nice!
I'm really glad you're back!
canucksgirl (author)  bricabracwizard1 year ago

It's nice to know that I was missed. :-)
Are you kidding? Of course you were missed....I created a forum topic to find out where you'd gone.
bob30301 year ago
Very nice, you make it look easy. This came out very cute. Thanks for posting.
canucksgirl (author)  bob30301 year ago
Thanks for checking it out. I appreciate the comments. :-)