Chucky and Bride of Chucky


Introduction: Chucky and Bride of Chucky

This is my son Ernesto as  Chucky and my daughter Bianca as Bride of Chucky. The idea came from  my husband about two years ago. We wanted something different from all the common costumes that there are out there. Most of the dress ups for kids are masks and other friendly characters. We talked to our kids about chucky and his bride, although our kids had no idea of who they are. We started to look for there cloths paint hair spray wigs and more details on how to make it original. After we showed our kids of how they were going to look, Our kids loved the  look and the Idea of being dressed they have been asking for the same costume for the past two years. The one thing they like the most is when we are walking on Halloween most of the kids clear the path because they seem to believe that they are the real deal.



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