Introduction: Chunky Bow Neck Warmer

I saw this design in the net...but it was knitted! I wanted one...and I wanted it quick! So this is my take on it .
This looks adorable on girls.

Step 1: Materials

Soft fleece - Blue or color of your choice 16" x 24" and a 6"x 3" small piece ( to wrap around the bow)
Soft fleece - Off white - 6"x 8"
1 pair of press buttons

Step 2: Cut and Sew

Fold your Blue fleece in ( right side facing each other) should now be  8"x24"
.. place a plate on either side and mark with a pencil the curve. Sew on the curve ..cut excess.  Join the edges but keep an opening so you can turn it inside out....once you turn inside out..slowly close the opening.

Take your white fleece...fold it in half  so that you will get 6" x 4" sew round but keep an opening...turn inside out and close opening.
find the center and pass a needle and thread and gather to make a bow.
Take the small blue fleece and  fold in 2 so you will have a rectangle tube of 6" x 1.5" .
Sew on 2 sides and turn inside out.
Wrap this around the bow and tuck the close end inside the open tube and tack it close.

Take one the end of your long blue fleece and find the center point...tack it to the center behind the bow.
In the center of the other end sew a press the corresponding  button to the back of the bow.

You are done! Isn't it Quick , Cute and Easy...Those are kind of what i look for always :-)

Step 3: Variations!

This could be worn in 4 variations...check it out!

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Thanks for reading.
Hope it's useful to you.


jingles241 made it!(author)2014-10-02

this is so cute but can you please tell me what you mean by a "press button"?


husna+fazeen made it!(author)2014-12-29

Sorry for the delay in replying. I have just uploaded a picture of a press button in this instructable. Please check it.

annieannie made it!(author)2013-05-07

oh oh oh oh !!!! I am in OOooooOOoooo land right now.. this is going to be fantastic!!! I am going to make the main neck wrap in black or brown or cream and make different colored bows to interchange. TY so much for this instructable!! :)

husna+fazeen made it!(author)2014-01-05

you are welcome...(i know...8 months late!)

jsmith261 made it!(author)2013-12-09

Is this child sized? Can you upsize it for an adult?

husna+fazeen made it!(author)2014-01-05 fits an adult too...can easily upsize ...just add length...but i think it's fine as it is!
sorry...for late reply

Wolfinlied made it!(author)2013-01-12

I feel the instructions are super lacking. I know how to sew very basic. When i look at this i find it very confusing, pictures dont show as much as i would like. Its an amazing and cute bow i would love to make it but i just cannot understand :(

husna+fazeen made it!(author)2013-02-14

sorry for the late reply..
I would love to help you...tell me what you don't understand and i'll try to help you...
If it is the bow you want...simply sew a 3 sides in the rectangle...and a little on the 4th side..
turn it inside slowly close the gap with a needle and thread with invisible stitches.
Follow the steps in step 2...let me know what part you don't i said before...i'll be happy to help.
take care!

jennybotha made it!(author)2012-12-07

Love this--- wonder if it would look and sit just as well in a thinner fabric????

husna+fazeen made it!(author)2012-12-12

i think it would.. only if it's very thin why don't you first iron the fabric with fusing...
I would try it later when i have the time with a softer fabric and post a picture. I think cotton would be perfect...just do the same as this tutorial in folding the long fabric..that way it would be firmer. ...give it a go...and let me know how it goes please.

jennybotha made it!(author)2012-12-16

Thanks for reply, husna. Yes, think you're right about the fabric.I would use another type of fabric, but not too flimsy. Think a non iron, stretch type would also be suitable.

xpat73 made it!(author)2012-12-04

Quick and easy .love it

HollyMann made it!(author)2012-12-02

I agree with Jessy - that is adorable!!! :) So cute - simple and elegant!

husna+fazeen made it!(author)2012-12-03

Thanks! .for summer you could do it in softer fabric and wear it with a strap dress.
It would look so cool :-)

Penolopy+Bulnick made it!(author)2012-12-03

So cute! I am just loving big bows!

husna+fazeen made it!(author)2012-12-03

Thanks! and yes...i see some bow warmers out there :-)

jessyratfink made it!(author)2012-12-01

Oh how adorable. :D

husna+fazeen made it!(author)2012-12-03

Oh yes it is :-)..

786Ayesha made it!(author)2012-12-01

This is cute.I like the colors

husna+fazeen made it!(author)2012-12-03

Thanks! :-)

uziham made it!(author)2012-12-01

This is great! I cant knit if my life depends on it and now I have another options!!! :-D
will definitely vote for you once it comes up in the sew warm contest!

shazni made it!(author)2012-11-30 comfy looking...makes you want to borrow in ;-)

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