Step 3: Variations!

This could be worn in 4 variations...check it out!

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<p>this is so cute but can you please tell me what you mean by a &quot;press button&quot;?</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Sorry for the delay in replying. I have just uploaded a picture of a press button in this instructable. Please check it.</p>
oh oh oh oh !!!! I am in OOooooOOoooo land right now.. this is going to be fantastic!!! I am going to make the main neck wrap in black or brown or cream and make different colored bows to interchange. TY so much for this instructable!! :)
you are welcome...(i know...8 months late!)
Is this child sized? Can you upsize it for an adult?
well...it fits an adult too...can easily upsize ...just add length...but i think it's fine as it is! <br>sorry...for late reply
I feel the instructions are super lacking. I know how to sew very basic. When i look at this i find it very confusing, pictures dont show as much as i would like. Its an amazing and cute bow i would love to make it but i just cannot understand :(
sorry for the late reply.. <br>I would love to help you...tell me what you don't understand and i'll try to help you... <br>If it is the bow you want...simply sew a 3 sides in the rectangle...and a little on the 4th side.. <br>turn it inside out...now slowly close the gap with a needle and thread with invisible stitches. <br>Follow the steps in step 2...let me know what part you don't understand...like i said before...i'll be happy to help. <br>take care!
Love this--- wonder if it would look and sit just as well in a thinner fabric????
i think it would.. only if it's very thin why don't you first iron the fabric with fusing... <br>I would try it later when i have the time with a softer fabric and post a picture. I think cotton would be perfect...just do the same as this tutorial in folding the long fabric..that way it would be firmer. ...give it a go...and let me know how it goes please. <br>
Thanks for reply, husna. Yes, think you're right about the fabric.I would use another type of fabric, but not too flimsy. Think a non iron, stretch type would also be suitable.
Quick and easy .love it
I agree with Jessy - that is adorable!!! :) So cute - simple and elegant!
Thanks! .for summer you could do it in softer fabric and wear it with a strap dress. <br>It would look so cool :-)
So cute! I am just loving big bows!
Thanks! and yes...i see some bow warmers out there :-)
Oh how adorable. :D
Oh yes it is :-)..
This is cute.I like the colors
Thanks! :-)
This is great! I cant knit if my life depends on it and now I have another options!!! :-D <br>will definitely vote for you once it comes up in the sew warm contest!
Oh...so comfy looking...makes you want to borrow in ;-)

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