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About: I made a beer mug with only a knife & a hatchet. I think that says a lot about me.

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    Reminds me of the "Purina Diet" I was one for some time to lose weight. Here's what you do, put some Purina Dog Chow in your pocket, and whenever you get hungry, eat a few chunks. As they say, a lot of small meals are better than 1 or 2 big meals... So it's working fabulously, and I drop 12 pounds in a little over a week, right up until I went into the hospital.

    Hospital? Yes, unfortunately, the hospital.

    No, it wasn't for eating the Purina, after 11 days, I stepped off a curb to smell a Doberman's butt and got hit by a car!!!!

    Good idea, your completly right except one thing: a dog is not a wolf! the last 20000 years happend a coevolution to humans, with all the bad things like eating our rubbish( products made out of cereals and so on) what had the aftereffect that their digestive tract aligned to the new situation. So a dog doesn´t need 70/30% like a wolf but 20-30/80-70% proteins/cereals. Also you have to know, that wolves and dogs can just exploit most of the nutrients and vitamins of cereals in the form of stomach contents.

    But i really like your idea. Rusty surly is pleased about it. Have fun hiking around with him.

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    This (the thing with the stomach contents) is also the reason why "BARFing" isn´t the easiest way to feed a dog ( need things like liquid rennet).

    P.S.: Sorry for possible mistakes, but schooltime is long ago and i´m not from an english speaking country...

    i approve of this awesome idea, unfortunately too many of these animal food companies get away with said crimes, animals often check in to the vet with kidney stones, skin problems, etc. a big problem with dog food is salt content, too much salt causes kidney stones for them, I'm glad Rusty is getting the good stuff

    When I read this I was laughing saying what the *#$$ lol
    I followed your link and must say the ingredients used to make this "dog food" are remarkable. I try to eat only whole foods myself, combining them to create my recipes. Why should it be any different for our animals? Rusty is lucky that you love him enough fully understand what he's eating. Go and wander this world with your pocketful of kibble!

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    It seems you got the picture and that simple thing just made my day, thanks!