One of the biggest questions for everyone planning a hike off the beaten track is certainly 'Which or what food to take?!'
Energy bars? Power bars? Expedition food? Just-add-boiling-water-(and-still-being-hungry-at-the-end)-meals? Nuts? Raisins? Peanut butter? Living chickens? Pemmican?

The list is long, and outdoor food is booming business.

I had it all. I had the power bars, the so-called expedition foods and boiling-water-bags, the bags of all kind of nuts & even the goblets of peanut butter. There was not one product that could satisfy me totally. Even not the chicken. And I lost a lot of money, too.
So for years I did like everyone: I survived.

But, all changed... THE DAY I GOT MY DOG!


You want a nice story, here you got one.

We love our dog, and from his first day with us we wanted him to live the best life he could, giving him love, shelter, cats (hehe) and good food.
The first things weren't a problem, it's the last that got tricky.
It's no longer a public secret that the animal-food industry is yet a lot worse than it's human equivalent. A lot of people make big money selling big rubbish using & misusing the love people have for their pets 'they love it, the'll pay for it!'
We digged a bit in a lot of classic dog-food brands and what we discovered was disgusting, hateful, inhuman & some 100 more negative adjectives. It was like 'What you always wanted to know but what you really don't want to know...'.
A lot of people don't seem to care your dog (or cat) will suffer after having swallowed their rubbish. Not their problem.

An example: 'classic' dog-food contains 20 to 30% meat (if you're lucky) - or 'meaty' products like skin & bones (hum). More than 50% are so-called 'carbohydrates' and the cereals used are most of the time inferior quality - read: contaminated by microtoxins.
Your dog is carnivore, you know. The natural diet of a wolf (his ancestor) contains 70% proteins and 30% cereals, roots & vegetables that he swallows indirectly by eating the stomachs of his prey.
1) He's got a digestive system that's not build to transform huge amounts of cereals. It will take him hours to digest. Of course he will swallow it, IT'S A DOG!
2) Since cereals are not part of its natural diet his body is not armed against this army of microtoxins. He's fully equiped against rotten meat, but defenceless against moldy corn. No need to make a picture.

I know, Instructables is not the platform to put the finger in the stinky purulent wound of the pet-food-industry, but dear pet-loving friends: think twice before buying the classic so-called 'good brands' thinking 'if it's expensive, it'll be good'.

Well no, it's not.

But, the good news is that a few brands are different from the others. A few brands are making dog-food with healthy (human-food-quality) meat instead of meat-like-(I'm not entering in details)-rubbish (more than 70% meat in the chunks), with healthy cereals instead of moldy waste (less then 30% cereals in the chunks) and with fresh vegetables instead of chemical additives. DOG FOOD - HUMAN FOOD QUALITY!

So our Rustyboy is eating healthy.

Wazza link with outdoor stuff?!

Well, while doing the food-research one idea came into my crazy mind: 'Why not using Rusty's 'good' dog food as a trekking snack?'

You know, in ol' times expeditioners used to take 'pemmican' - fine ground dried meat mixed with animal fat - on their journeys into the great frozen wild (one time I tried to make this stuff by myself but it took really a long time to make and after ten days in my backpack it started to smell rather weird...). Proteins & fat: all you need to survive.
So, my opinion: no need to gather expensive expedition stuff if you have acces to high quality dog food!
Here's a link to my favourite brand. Read and judgde for yourself.

When we see 'Man vs Wild' we all find it cool Bear Grylls eating all kind of stuff. So, some (good quality) dog food won't kill you, believe me.
Did I say we all should start eating dog food every day?
Of course not, common sense!
But the 'expedition environment' starts where civilisation ends. No rules, being efficient is staying alive.

A friend of mine wouldn't believe my speech of dog food vs outdoor snack and so he made a bet with me 'you'll never gonna eat a plate full of chunks!'.
Poor boy, he lost again, paying me a crate full of beer ;)

The pro's of good dog-chunks
- it's tasty & really not bad
- with a handful of chunks your hunger is gone - high 'fill-factor'
- it's easy to transport - you can make small portions
- since it's dried it's long storable
- combined with some dried cereals & nuts you've got all you need to go outdoors
- it's a lot cheaper than 'classic' expedition food - 25$ for 5 kg, something like that

So, I know which food I'll carry with me on my coming deep-snow-big-fun-hike this winter.
And... I can even take Rusty with me!
<p>Good idea, your completly right except one thing: a dog is not a wolf! the last 20000 years happend a coevolution to humans, with all the bad things like eating our rubbish( products made out of cereals and so on) what had the aftereffect that their digestive tract aligned to the new situation. So a dog doesn&acute;t need 70/30% like a wolf but 20-30/80-70% proteins/cereals. Also you have to know, that wolves and dogs can just exploit most of the nutrients and vitamins of cereals in the form of stomach contents.</p><p>But i really like your idea. Rusty surly is pleased about it. Have fun hiking around with him.</p>
<p>This (the thing with the stomach contents) is also the reason why &quot;BARFing&quot; isn&acute;t the easiest way to feed a dog ( need things like liquid rennet).</p><p>P.S.: Sorry for possible mistakes, but schooltime is long ago and i&acute;m not from an english speaking country...</p>
<p>i approve of this awesome idea, unfortunately too many of these animal food companies get away with said crimes, animals often check in to the vet with kidney stones, skin problems, etc. a big problem with dog food is salt content, too much salt causes kidney stones for them, I'm glad Rusty is getting the good stuff</p>
When I read this I was laughing saying what the *#$$ lol <br>I followed your link and must say the ingredients used to make this &quot;dog food&quot; are remarkable. I try to eat only whole foods myself, combining them to create my recipes. Why should it be any different for our animals? Rusty is lucky that you love him enough fully understand what he's eating. Go and wander this world with your pocketful of kibble!
<p>It seems you got the picture and that simple thing just made my day, thanks!</p>

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