this is a slightly complicated build yes but if you set aside some time it is accomplishable. for this instructable it is important to note that the materials are not cheap and the method requires sculpting ability and patience. I know there are plenty of you out there that can achieve these results so if its something that interests you GO FOR IT!

make sure you sketch out a few ideas of what you want to make before you start or at least have a lot of reference pictures to go off of.

Step 1: Materials

for this instructable you will need the following:

1. clay
2. styrofoam
3. amber shellac
4. apoxie sculpt
5. Silicone 
6. liquid latex
7. flex foam
8. paint
9. faux fur
10. sculpting tools

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Can you use a similar process to create a flexible, hollow version? It would make an awesome hand puppet!
absolutely you can but for the best strength you would want to make a solid core and fill the space between the mould and the core and then you would have a perfect puppet
The Chupacabra is named Goat Sucker, because it drains every last drop of blood, mainly of goats and livestock. Its skin is sometimes blue or gray, and some legends say they have wings. Its eyes are as big as hen eggs, with huge claws and fangs. Two Brazilian fishermen said they killed a chupacabra dead, and say they still have the head, but won't let anybody look at it. Sounds pretty fishy to me. . .
Mr. McNopants13, I saw your no reply under my comment. I apologize if I said something offensive.
oh not at all, I am sorry i guess i just ddn't get to reply to you i must have skipped it at some point .. i apologize. as for the foam there are many densities of foam to go through so it depends on what your planning on making. my foam i got at a local craft store however when working on larger projects i will order from a polystyrene foam distributor they can deliver large blocks if need be however if u dont have a hot wire cutter or a milling machine its hard to manage such large peices also home depot and other DIY big box places have foam insulation pieces and those can also be used for great under structures. <br> <br>hope this was helpful <br>and thank you for your comments <br>
Thank you for the information. I will certainly try to follow your material suggestions. <br>Great works! I am sure you are having loads of fun. I work in cement and a styrofoam armiture should do the trick for my needs instead of using plywood, 2x4s and rebar.<br>Thanks again.<br>Your fan.
So, this is what a Chupacabra looks like! Great work! I would like to attempt such a sculpture. Can you tell me where to get large pieces of foam? Or does it have a special name for sculptors? <br>Thanks! Keep your wonderful imagination going.
Congratulations! Every Chupacabra I have seen while hiking in the mysterious and deadly Superstition Mountains has looked exactly like this. It is so real!!
hahaha Thanks Rhino ... i have never seen one so until i do it must live only in my imagination. but thank you for the reassurance
That is so awesome! Putting this on my to do list for ... well, probably next Halloween. .. It's a long list, but this one is on the top!
This is really creep and realistic looking! Awesome decoration for Halloween :D

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