Introduction: Churidar Salwar (indian Trousers)

Did you see those great pants too loosee in the crotch area wich become fashionable in occident lately?
well...those are actually indian trousers called Churidar salwar, they usually wear it with some kind of minidress (for women) on the top, but u can combine it and use it with a cool t-shirt, shirt or blouse... the great thing about churidar is can be used for man and women either...

and you can make it by yourself ! check the video to see how :D

rainbow stitches for all!!


dianaalicia (author)2016-01-02

thank`s I love indian clothes

darklotus (author)2013-04-21

Thank you so very much for this tutorial! I love churidar and used to have them made but my Indian tailor retired so now I can make my own! I adore this type of clothing - it looks good on every body type and age group and is both stylish and comfortable. I'll be following and looking forward to more tutorials.

CloudFactory (author)darklotus2013-04-22

ur welcome!! im happy that u like it and find it useful :), thanks for comment, that remind me i have to post more tutorials here :)

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