Ciambellone With Limoncello





Introduction: Ciambellone With Limoncello

In this instructable I want to show you how you can make a soft and delicious Ciambellone with  Limoncello's flavor (liquor with lemon). This is a tipical italian breakfast better than packaged cakes , it is without industrial fat. A feature of this recipe is that it doesn't include milk, this is important if you have food intolerance. You can replace limoncello with another flavor, or if you want, don't put flavor.

- 250 g flour (8.8 oz)
- 250 g sugar (8.8 oz)
- 3 eggs
- 130 g seed oil (4.6 oz)
- 130 g water (4.6 oz)
- 16 g baking powder for cakes
- Small glass of Limoncello

Step 1: Tools and Preparation

Use butter to grease the pan and than flour it.  Mix ingredients: first eggs, sugar, water, seed oil and at the end flour.
At the end of mixing the consistency of dough should be like you can see in my video.
Meantime, turn on oven to 180°C (350°F).

Step 2: Bake

After all, put Limoncello and baking powder for cakes. Bake for about 45 minutes. Then insert a knife into Ciambellone and if it is dry, the Ciambellone is perfectly cooked ( don't open the oven before 35 minutes). Cover with powdered sugar and BUON APPETITO!

Special thanks Tiziana



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    The way I do it is:
    Put the zest of several lemons into half a bottle's worth of vodka and leave for a few months in a dark place. Strain into your final liquor container (pretty decanter/ stylish bottle). Make a sugar syrup which = the same volume as your vodka and mix the two together.
    The longer you leave it the better it'll taste.

    I posted the recipe for Limoncello.
    Hello and Happy New Year

    I posted the recipe for Limoncello.
    Hello and Happy New Year

    Yes it is! You can use grated lemon peel. I'll write a instructable for to explain how you can do homemade limoncello.