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Introduction: Cicada Paper-air-plane

I have named this the cicada plane because the nose resembles a cicada! When adjusted correctly it will fly in an eradic manner just like a cicada would in real life, it can even fly upside down! The front 'legs' double as canard wings as well as landing gear! This plane promises to impress you as well as your friends!

Step 1: Materials!

All you need is:

- piece of computer paper
- (opt.) art supplies for decorating your cicada

(note: Note book paper will NOT work! It is far to light!

Step 2: Step Two!

Do the Trademark paper airplane fold to the center of the paper!

Step 3: Step 3!

okay...unfold what you did in step two.  Now flip the paper over to the opposite side and do the trademark airplane fold again.  Flip the paper over AGAIN.  Now...look at the take the out side edges of the airplane fold and bring it to the CENTER not crease the flaps that you made with the airplane fold!!

Step 4: Step 4!

fold the forward most vertex of the diamond to the backward most vertex to get a frontal triangle with a smaller triangle inside!

Step 5: Step 5!

Fold the lef and right corners of the front triangle to the smaller front triangle! This is hard to explain so look at the pic its really simple!

Step 6: Step 6!

Fold the unfinished plane in half along the line that is made by the folds already made! Make sure that the folds that you have already made are visible on the side of the finished feusalage!

Step 7: Step 7!

Now to finish the plane! The wings should be folded a little more than half way down the nose.

Step 8: Step 8!

Open up the wings, but, dont forget to pen up the canard wings so they are vertical! And one last thing, ENJOY!!



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    Man, step 3 was soooo easy, I just "did it in my mind"
    I'm a nerd...

    how do you do step3? i really mean it! ubloke.

    2 replies

    I just edited it!  sorry man! 

    i still don't get it

    awsome dude i found step 3 easy but had to think about it first. it is a great plane

    uhh dude even after the dam edit thing its like not clear still man.

    Sorry dude!  i just edited it! 

    this was soooooo unclear what the heck!

    1 reply

    I just edited it! Sorry for such the long wait! 

    This is the best paper airplane i have ever made , and i've made hundreds. =-D I have alot of time on my hand some days.

    Hey. um it was really confusing and I couldn't get past step 3. maybe you could make one and get someone to film it so we can see what you are actually doing. Thanks !!!

    this thing flies amazingly well at all speeds

    Hey, look at the awesome (non-flying) plane that i made with this one!

    Mothership plane 008.jpgMothership plane 001.jpgMothership plane 005.jpg

    nice plane =) you might need to ad a few more pics on step 3

    Wow, this is a cool plane. Step 3 was a little hard to understand, but it must have been pretty hard to explain. You did a good job!

    1 reply

    Thank you! I need to edit this a little, i missed some stuff. Please post any modifications that you made to the plane or tips here! Srgtjim