Cienna's Heart Pendant





Introduction: Cienna's Heart Pendant

This heart pendant was made by Cienna, a member of the Pegasaurus family.

It started out as "I wonder if I can put hot glue together as a shape? Would that work mom?"

To which I replied "Try it and find out."

My usual response.

I think it turned out quite nicely. I love when experiments don't require scrubbing things off the ceiling or repairing holes in the wall...

Step 1: Shape the Glue

Heat up the glue gun until the glue flows freely.

On a non-stick, heat resistant surface (not at all like the piece of metal we used) "draw" your shape with glue.

Step 2: Add Beads and a Wire

While the glue is hot, place a wire into the top of the pendant.

When the glue is still soft, but cool enough to touch, sprinkle beads over top and gently press them into the shape.

You can add another layer of glue over top of the beads to add depth, then add another layer of beads, until the pendant is as thick as you like.

Step 3: Curve Wire

Gently curve the wire to create a loop large enough to slide a chain through.

Add a chain and you're done!



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    Thanks. We pried it off with a butter knife! The plan was to put wax paper down first, but we didn't have any. It took some effort, but the pendant was pliable enough that it didn't break.


    How did you remove the glue from the metal?