Picture of Cigar Band Table
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Do you or a friend smoke cigars?

Do you keep the bands, and keep looking for something to do with them?

Try this.

Step 1: Required Materials

Picture of Required Materials
For this project, you will need:

-A pencil
-A ruler
-Decoupage Glue
-A few cheap paint brushes
-A table of some kind
-A sheet of cardboard or canvas
-Cigar Bands

Special note about the table: 
The table I chose came with the center cut out and a glass insert over it. It was an old table a friend was giving away, making it a great project.
I would recommend this style of table before anything else. Craigslist usually has a pretty good selection of cheap tables with glass centers.

If you have an old, normal table you want to try this on, I would suggest pasting the cigar bands directly to the table, and purchasing glass to rest on top of it.