Picture of Cigar Box Amp!
What i have made is a cigar box amplifier. This amp is very simple to make and fun to use. Its also a great travel amp. hope you have fun building!

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Step 1: Step 1: Parts

Picture of Step 1: Parts
Gather Materials- follow picture. also you will need a soldering iron, solder, and a cigar box.

Step 2: Step 2: Circuit Board

Picture of Step 2: Circuit Board
Follow diagram for setting up circuit board and solder all wires in place.

Step 3: Step 3: install into box

Picture of Step 3: install into box
After everything is wired drill holes in your box and install the parts. 

Step 4: My Make-To-Learn Youth Answers

What I made- I have constructed a simple cigar box amp. I used a lot of electrical parts from radio shack and made it because I wanted a small travel amp for my guitar.

How I made it- this is pretty much all covered in instructable. 

Where I made it- I made this amp at my house as a fun project to occupy me and its very useful to me because I play a lot of guitar and this amp is perfect for on the go. 

What I learned- I learned a lot during this project. I learned about circuits and i learned how to solder. I am very happy with how my amp came out but if I make another one i will pay more attention to detail so it looks nicer. 
JoshuaB102 months ago

Hi, I need help. It's not working. Not sure if I'm missing something here or maybe I have bad parts. Does anything look wrong?


Nice and simple tut, but you need to properly cite Runoffgroove.com as the source for the Little Gem circuit--as it's plagiarism not to.

yerbuddy691 year ago
Sorry. I accidentally flagged this as incomplete, and now I can't remove it. Its a great post, and I'm learning a lot from following along. Its a very complete post, as is. ---new guy