This Instructable is not about making a Cigar Box Guitar, but merely a tool or Jig to help mark how much to cut away when making room for your CBG neck material.

5-17-16 UPDATED THE JIG - Go to steps 12-14 to see the improved Marking Jig.

This has helped me many times and would have eliminated many over cutting of boxes in the beginning if I had thought of it sooner. Its possible someone has made something simular, but I have not seen one listed.

So for those new to making Cigar Box Guitars or have been doing it a while, maybe this will help too. So I thought for a FIRST Instructable, I'd share it.

Materials you will need...

1. The cigar box you are going to be working on.
2. Scrap neck stock - Usually 1x2 hardwood common for a 3 string CBG.
3. Hot melt glue or Drill and 1 1"-1¼" screw
4. Bandsaw, Handsaw or Jigsaw

This will be pretty simple once you see it. I'll probably be making it too many steps, but better to have more info than not enough I always say.

Thanks for Looking....


P.S. Excuse the many steps listed, couldn't figure how to group images per step to minimize the amount of step published. ;-D

Step 1: Measuring.....maybe

When making a CBG you may have read from any one article or book to measure the width of your box and find the center. Then measure from the center mark, out 3/4" on each side of the center mark, thus giving you your 1X2 ( actually 3/4x1½") neck it's designated placement to place in the box.

I am not all that great with using a tape measure for a straight edge to draw my lines, sure you could use a regular ruler too. But this 
simple item will make it easier in the long run just after findong your centers on both side of the box.
Ha ha my cousin made a couple of these. Cool=D
Looks good mate. You could do an instructable on how you cut the material off the neck blank to accommodate the thickness of the box lid. I've built many CBGs and I have yet to see any one give a decent "safe" tutorial on doing that step.
Hi Friger, first Thanks for checking out my 1st How to, well on this site. Thats a good idea. I have been thinking about doing more how to's on CBG's stuff. In my own interpretation that is. but to be honest I am really new to these things only within the last 3 months. I will definitely keep it in mind and on top of list. They are fun projects. ThX Again !!!!

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