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Introduction: Cigar Box Guitars

Hi, and my name is Tom Grace, and  my date of birth is 3-7-57.  I build Cigar Box Guitars.  This is what I used to build them.  This is the first guitar that I built for my brother as a birthday gift.  These guitars are electric and I also build the amps.  I put the speakers inside the box so not to detract from the boxes themselves.  If I win the contest, I would build a shop to make the guitars and buy the tools and equipment I would need.  I plan on selling them at festivals, fairs and online.  We also make Neckties for 6 and 12 string guitars.  They keep the strings, peg head and bridge dust free.  Thanks for watching and good luck to everyone.  Special thanks to Maddie, Jason, and Sean.  You ROCK!



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    Great hobby.. Great products ... hope you can make it a business! Good Luck