Step 13: Inlay the fret markers

Picture of Inlay the fret markers
fret markers.jpg
If you look at a guitar or ukulele you will see pearl dots in the frets at certain points.  In ukulele's these markers are usually at the 5th, 7th, and 10th frets.  Really you can put them anywhere you want.  I also chose to mark them on the side, because I thought it would look cool and I enjoyed this process.

First choose a marker.  I chose a wooden dowel for availability, and because the inlaid turquoise was flashy enough by itself.  The dowel was 3/16" in diameter.  Very, very, very carefully I marked and measured exactly where the markers would be and drilled holes with a drill press.  I strongly recommend a drill press for this step, as a lot of work has already gone into the instrument and a drill press minimizes the possibility of catastrophic failure.  I drilled the holes only about a quarter to a half inch deep.  

Once the holes were drilled I cut the wooden dowel down to size for each hole, so there was enough poking out that I could pull it out with my fingers.  Once all the holes had matching dowels I applied epoxy to the dowels, inserted them into the holes, and wiped the extra glue away with a damp cloth.  After the glue dried I sanded the dowels down very gently with a dremel as close to the surface of the fret and neck as I could.  

A final sanding will be applied later, so it does not have to be perfect yet.