Step 3: Stab Some Holes!

Using your awl or screwdriver, stab a hole about 3/8" in from every corner of every box. This will go much faster than the previous step. (:
i just thought of doing something crazy with my old cigarette boxes, any ideas besides this lantern?
you could change this to be entirely playing cards.
good job!!
You are very imaginative! I personally don't smoke, but I have parents that do.
Funny thing is, most of the smokers I know had parents who didn't, and vice versa.
A friend of mine just showed me a collection he has last night. It is a stack of >100 High school ID cards that he personally lifted from people at his high school. Each one is individual (although there are some repeats), with a name and photo, but also because of how it's been treated. Some have chew marks on them, some have Frankenstein like staple stitching holding them together, some have writing on the back. I've been commissioned to design something with them, and this might be it. Although I also thought that creating something in the shape of a cheesy high school trophy would also be pretty funny.
With over 100 you could make a larger sphere lantern using a similar pattern, just keep in mind that those ID cards will block a lot of light, so maybe [if you're definitely into a light fixture idea] you could get something to space the cards out, the first thing that comes to mind is a piece of metal in the shape of a plus sign placed between the corners of the cards, but that would have to be on something more square. Let me know what you do, I love to look at everyone's stuff!
I love this, it would look amazing with marlboro reds (my brand personally) but over here we now have obnoxious anti smoking warning on them that would ruin the look of the lamp somewhat. Maybe a giant one with beer boxes could work for me instead, I'm friendly with bar staff in a lot of places as well so it wouldn't be unreasonable to acquire small posters either. Or I might go raid some of the free art postcard things around the coffee shops in town...
I was thinking about fashioning a paper star from beer boxes. (:
Hmm I've been planning a few things lately, one of which involves drinking a crate of miller or something else with clear bottles... I like that star idea, it sounds interesting. I'm planning on a big lamp, maybe using green bottles actually, hmm grolsch have pretty bottles...
heineken also.
Oh aye, I wonder what would be better, top facing out wards of bottom facing outwards...
top definitely.
And... All those RPG playing cards that you've outgrown (pokemon?) (of course, if you didn't smoke, the money you saved not buying all those cigarettes would buy you a commercially made lamp...)
Funny story, in my bag of chopped up boxes I had some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.
A very neat idea! It occurs to me that one could do the same thing with <strong>playing cards</strong> -- especially if you've got a deck (or two) that's missing a card, because it may be useless as a playing deck, but a great resource for crafty instructibles. The playing cards will probably be more opaque than the cardboard used here.<br/>
I thought about that too, as long as your deck had 48 cards you'd be good to go!

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