Picture of Cigarette Pack Mod (Built-in Matches)
This instructable will cover how to mod a cigarette pack to have matches built into the pack's lid for a handy back-up lighting source.

It's a bit of work for something you'll be throwing out within a day or so, but it would be worth the work in the situation intended...plus I say the "neat-o!" factor is pretty high :D

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

Supplies needed:

- "Hard" Cigarette Pack
(That has the inner tabs detailed in step 2)
- Scissors or Knife (Optional, tearing would work just as well)
- "Booklet Type" Safety Matches (1 Booklet)
- Glue or Tape

* Note: I have Gorilla Glue pictured, but it is not recommended for any paper based projects.  Great for everything else...just not paper.  I ended up using tape, which works fine but you lose a bit of surface area on each side of the strike pad.  I would recommend any type of fast-drying craft glue.

Step 2: Pack Details

Picture of Pack Details

Most any hard-pack should do, just needs the fold-out tabs pictured.

- Tab 1: "Lip" fold in the front of the pack lid.
- Tab 2: Dual tabs that lie flat in the "roof" of the lid

Step 3: Preparations

Picture of Preparations

- First, disassemble the matchbook. 

- Then cut the strike pad out of the matchbook cover.

- Next, cut one of the match bundles down to a little less than the width of the lid

Step 4: Creating the Strike Surface

Picture of Creating the Strike Surface

- Affix the strikepad to the "lip" tab, on the side that will fold in. (So when the lid is closed the strike surface is safely tucked away).

- Next, tuck the match bundle under one or both of the "roof" tabs. (I only used one, it holds fine and makes it easier to retrieve).
Nice. Now figure out how to have the cig lit when you take it out of the pack. (yea, I have been working on that one for years)
XxZombiexX (author)  atombomb19455 years ago
Hmm...now that *would* be nice...