This instructable will cover how to mod a cigarette pack to have matches built into the pack's lid for a handy back-up lighting source.

It's a bit of work for something you'll be throwing out within a day or so, but it would be worth the work in the situation intended...plus I say the "neat-o!" factor is pretty high :D

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies needed:

- "Hard" Cigarette Pack
(That has the inner tabs detailed in step 2)
- Scissors or Knife (Optional, tearing would work just as well)
- "Booklet Type" Safety Matches (1 Booklet)
- Glue or Tape

* Note: I have Gorilla Glue pictured, but it is not recommended for any paper based projects.  Great for everything else...just not paper.  I ended up using tape, which works fine but you lose a bit of surface area on each side of the strike pad.  I would recommend any type of fast-drying craft glue.

Nice. Now figure out how to have the cig lit when you take it out of the pack. (yea, I have been working on that one for years)
Hmm...now that *would* be nice...

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