Introduction: Cinderella

I made this using red heart 4-ply yarn and a graph I found on-line. It is done in single crochet. I made it for my friends daughter (Ebony) who just did her room in a princess theme. It was really fun to do and Ebony really liked it.



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    My granddaughter would love this. Did you pass on where you obtained a graph? Did you create it yourself? Thank you for sharing. Joan

    this is very cute

    I'd love to know where you found the graph for this. I just recently finished a rocking horse with the same type of technique. Since I have three daughters I'd love to make this too! Great job. Any Princess's dream blanket!

    This is fabulous. You have made a little girl feel so special. And, inspired me too. I've got to learn to do this!!!

    Nice job! What little girl wouldn't love to have that!

    This is the most adorable blanket ever! You are amazing and talented!

    Thank you so much. It is nice to read all the nice things people say !!!

    That turned out beautifully! I bet she loves it.

    Cool! Looks like you worked on this really hard, great job!

    You have put a lot of work into this blanket, and it looks great.