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This instructable is the first bit of major work I've done.  It wasn't for the faint hearted.  Recently I bought a large house (which is why I've been so bad at replying to some of my instructables) and it has been a lot of work!

But that doesn't mean I shouldn't have some fun.

The original occupant of the house was a radio nut and he built himself a 6ft x 8ft recording studio. He soon realised it wasn't big enough so he expanded it out to 15ft x 10ft but left the original walls from the 6ft x 8ft building in place.

When we looked round it, my wife fancied it as a gym, but due to the low ceiling, it wasn't really suitable. So I got it :)

Originally I was going to use the smaller of the two rooms as a reading room and have a small 2 seat sofa and a 30" screen on the wall - but it was going to be cramped.  My friend Ben came over and said "Nah, don't worry we can just take down the walls and open it right out!

What I ended up with was a 6ft by 4ft projected 1080p screen, surround sound, bar with beer pump and optics, corner sofa and beanbags.

Total cost?  I wouldn't like to say...

This 'ible shows the steps we took into renovation and shaping it into a retreat for myself and friends.

Thanks go to my friends Ben, Allan, Steve, Gary, Becky, Leo, Michael and of course my lovely wife who let me get on with it so I could be kicked out of the house permanently.

woah!! that's great! ;-)

jadowyn2 years ago
It looks like you had a lot of fun making this. Can't wait to get started on my own.
Nuwati2 years ago
That is wonderful. Great job.
I've just bought a new shed and I would love a man cave like this.
only difference is that it is wooden so decor and electrics would have to be different.

I need it mainly as a work environment (CAD work and other little projects).
myoung183 years ago
came out realy nice
Chumlee3 years ago
Love it!!!
moogeez914 years ago
well the place looks great now!!
moogeez914 years ago
HAHA That space was one giant code violation!
tim_n (author)  moogeez914 years ago
Sadly I live in the Uk, where it's not :) planning laws are strict, but as long as it's not joined to the main building I can pretty much do as I like. I've been amazed at what passes for laws on your properties in the 'land of the free' - especially that woman who was trying to grow veg on the front of her property!
This place is amazing. A lot of inspiration for future DIY.
Great HOb
Really awesome project! The only thing is I would hate to have the projector screen go right to the wall corners (thats just my OCD talking though, haha).
bishophicks4 years ago
I created a "movie room" in our house about seven (!) years ago. Most satisfying bit of DIY I've ever done.

A couple of suggestions: Our screen is surrounded by black velvet "curtains" that my wife made to attach to the wall. It helps if all you see besides the image is a wall of blackness. It hides the speakers, too.

We also painted the room a dark red. It looks nice when the lights are on (ours is a dual use room - not a dedicated theater) and absorbs a lot of the light that reflects off the screen when the projector is running. It makes the room darker and improves the image.

What's funny is that we were very much movie people, but once I hooked an Xbox to it a year after it went in, it is used about 80% for gaming.

Enjoy your new space.
tim_n (author)  bishophicks4 years ago
to maximise screen size, I'm not sure I'd want to go down the curtains route - I'd loose approximately 3-4" on each side if I minimised the screen to fit between the speakers. This way I have a full 6ft screen! But I concur drapes would make it look more cinema. I like to think of this as a minimalist cinema. With a bar.
orvis4 years ago
Excellent build!

Well done to find walls that were unfortunately structural then incorporating them into the space. The best bits of DIY are forced by unfortunate circumstances.

And I really want to be there when the house's next owners take up the carpet and see that message. Beautiful.
tim_n (author)  orvis4 years ago
Quite! By the time we move out we'll probably have forgotten about it! :)
tinker2344 years ago
ow nice job
mikeasaurus4 years ago
Wow, great build!
I almost spat out my coffee reading your experience with the angle grinder in Step 4. Very funny, I'm not sure I would have done any different.

The results look awesome!
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Hmmm, was a requirement of the bar to be within chair rolling distance from the computer desk? Be responsible drinking when driving a chair and keyboard.
tim_n (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
It wasn't on the performance spec but I have discovered it has certain benefits