I have always been very much interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of film-making; all the gear that goes into a single shoot.  As a college student I even had the opportunity to show movies on 35mm film.  As a result of all this I wanted to make something that looked like it belonged on a movie set.

One of the most recognizable tools using in film making is the clapperboard, or "film slate" as it is sometimes known.  This tool has been around since the beginning of movie-making and is used to synchronize the sound and image during a shoot.  Modern slates have a digital display in addition to the scene, take, etc. which is use to display the timecode.  My idea was to make a slate that would replace the timecode with the current time of day.  I also wanted it to look as realistic as possible and incorporate as many features of an actual film slate as possible.

Step 1: Research

I started by looking around for existing film slates that are used for the intended purpose.  Denecke, Inc. makes a large range of timecode equipment for the movie industry and I decided to base my design around the TS-3, which is their full featured time slate.
<p>Hi Creator,</p><p>Am trying to create this but I am slightly confused by how to connect FTDI to ATMega328, and ATMega328 to RTC DS3234 and MAX7219.</p><p>Do you have a clear diagram or drawing I can use to follow?</p>
<p>Hi owner,</p><p>I want to do it and I need to download the .pdf file but I can't 'cause I'm not a ProMember. Can you send me the .pdf file? I really want and need to do it ^^</p>
<p>and btw, what is the size of the led displays?</p><p> i used 4 digit 0.56 inch display.</p><p>did you used 1 inch 1 digit display?</p>
I believe they are 1 inch displays, but I would need to measure them to be sure. They are single digit
<p>I would love to have one of these....how much did the entire thing cost you?</p><p>And should someone commission you...how much would you charge? XD</p>
I had most of the small parts sitting around, so the expensive components were the battery and PowerCell. The LED displays were also a big chunk of the total cost. Overall. I think it cost me about $100 including the hardware for the frame. <br><br>Soldering the displays takes a lot if time because of all the wires. I am designing second version that will have a custom PCB which should simplify the assembly. I haven't yet evaluated how much that will cost, but were someone interested in buying one, I think it would be cheaper to buy the blank PCB and assemble it.
<p>very cool. great job. </p>

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