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Introduction: Cinema Squared! Yes, You Are Seeing Double --

This instructable utilizes existing diy projectors, with a twist - or "squared" even.

Step 1: Set Up Diagram

The idea is to order (or make yourself) the projection set-up I've put together. It consists of 6 large binder clips, 2 magnifying sheets, and an 11x17 cardboard and plastic screen. Cut a square out of half of the 11x17 (8.5 x 11) and replace it with a slightly larger, slightly transparent, piece of plastic. Double sided tape works very well. Use two of the clips to prop up the screen horizontally. with your other 4 clips you will use 2 each on the magnifying sheets and arrange in the approximate order as needed to make sure you get your projection in focus. 

Step 2: PDF

PDF of 11x17 (12 x 18 design to be cut down to 11 x 17)

Step 3: More Set Up Samples

Have some fun getting the image in focus. Dark flat conditions work very well.

Step 4: Single Projection

Yes, yes.

Step 5: Dual Projection Set Up Using Mobile Phone and Tablet

Now the twist, introduce a second user with the same kit who does all teh same steps except they don't have to set up their screen - you're both going to project into the same space without knowing what content you created. So a story is created.

Step 6: Video of Dual Projection

Lots of conversations can start to happen about storytelling, structure, optics, light, so many things and though imperfect like a barrel full of childhood sea monkeys, the projections have their own subtle beauty about them. They're not meant to be great projections but instead meant to start kicking new ideas into action. That's cinema squared! Like I said, please go to office depot and collect the objects needed and you can either make your own set-up or download my pdf, or order the whole kit. No set price, supplies limited.

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