Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

Picture of Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips
These crispy, sweet, cinnamon-y pita chips are great to snack on if you can stop yourself from eating them all at once!

Each pita will make 10 - 20 chips - it depends on how small you cut them and if your pita can split through the inside to make double the amount of chips.

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Step 1: Ingredients & Utensils

Picture of Ingredients & Utensils
~ Pita or Flatbread
~ Cinnamon sugar - Basically a 4:1 ratio of sugar to cinnamon. You can also make great toast with it!
~ Butter or Margarine

Utensils & Tools:
~ Cooling Rack
~ Baking Sheet
~ Sharp knife
~ Not so sharp knife
~ Toaster oven

Step 2: Cut the Pita

Picture of Cut the Pita
Now decide how to cut your pita! You could go for a boring pizza style cut, or you could go with the Super Awesome Cutting Arrangement (tm). The Super Awesome Cutting Arrangement (tm) makes sure that you have more shapes to eat and/or marvel at (although there's not going to be much time before they all get devoured). You could also just come up with your own random designs!

Step 3: Butter 'em up

Picture of Butter 'em up
Take your butter and spread it lightly on the pieces of pita. This will keep the cinnamon sugar on the pita.

Step 4: Everything tastes better with sugar!

Picture of Everything tastes better with sugar!
Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar liberally on the buttered pita so that it's all covered with sugar-ey goodness. Cinnamon + sugar = yummy goodness!

Step 5: Bake it!

Picture of Bake it!
Put the cut, buttered, and cinnamon-sugared pitas on a baking sheet and put them in the toaster oven for 6-8 minutes or until they are crispy and not burnt, unless you like burnt things. When it's done, pull it out with something to keep it from burning you and use a fork or a spatula to remove them from the sheet and put them on the cooling rack.

Step 6: Put them in a bag (if they last that long)

Picture of Put them in a bag (if they last that long)
Put them in a bag (if they last that long) to either give away as a nice little present, or eat 'em yourself.