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Even though i love to have my iphone naked all the time.. i just can't.. i need protection.. maybe 1.75 mm of material at least.. and what best way to keep thieves and curious people away from your phone than your own zombie iphone case!!

i'm not scared of zombies.. i actually like zombie.. and those cuddly guys are all the rage these days.. So what better way to show your support for these brain eating guys than putting them in your iphone case

We partnered up with a local tattoo artist for the 2D design and we made it into a 3d case just in time for the return of our favorite zombie show. Dont forget to visit his page for more of his art work https://www.facebook.com/CircaTattoo

I asked one of my friends to draw me a simple zombie sketch. (it needs to be simple in order to make it easy to trace in a 3d program)
He was able to do it very quick which was awesome because i needed to do a lot of modeling.

Anyways i grabbed the sketch and imported into maya.. i did a simple wireframe and moved the vertices around so it would stick out a bit.. then with a series of extrustions, slices, cuts, splits and more extrusions.. i got some detail.. then went back and added more detail.. The trick is to keep the outermost edge flat!!..

Step 1: Boolean the Zombie Model With Iphone 5 Model

keeping the most outer edge flat makes it a lot easier when attaching it to the  model of my existing iphone 5 case model. 

I've made and printed iphone cases already so i know this model works..

check out my other intractable that shows you how to model an iphone case.


For more of my work and links to purchasing this case please visit my website nuPROTO and my shapeways store Amznfx.

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