Circa Concrete Furniture


Introduction: Circa Concrete Furniture

Circa was born as team project to create new use and horizons for two old materials.
Fabric and concrete.
And why not use them to create a new forniture line for a living?

Undestand what is the best kind of Fabric and what concrete use what pretty hard but at the end we used a 50% wool fabric and white concrete.

Enjoy the pics of making and  the final results.
And don't be shy to ask!



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    I don't know what Anto used, but It does look a bit like a balance ball from the gym. I would like to try this with a resin Adirondack chair, maybe with some rebar for added support.

    The sphere that you used that you covered with the cloth. What is that? This post has given me a lot of inspiration for sculpture.

    How do you saturate the cloth in the concrete? Do you just dip it in the concrete then put it over a form?

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    yes. dip it in very diluted concrete.
    After we used blocks and other stuff we found to form the shapes

    I am rather curious as to the breaking point of this material. Especially the "C" shaped table how much weight could that hold before the brittle concrete gives way and allows the fabric to flop?

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    I've never check the breaking point of the "composite" material.
    The C shaped table had 2 steel structure as you can look on the first pics but when finished it was too much flexible to hold an high weight.
    if you made a top 30cmx30cm of 3 fabric layer with a good quantity of concrete i think it should hold 20/30kg without breaking.