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Introduction: Circle Collar Sun Dress

About: I have 5 beautiful children who are both my inspirations and my distractions. Someday I hope to fulfill my lifelong dream to travel. I love other cultures, languages, and countries. I also love vintage.

I've been seeing these little collars on shirts for little girls all over the place. I think they're so cute so I decide to make a dress with he collar for my almost 2yr old. Here it is. I hope everyone enjoys seeing it. :-)



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    Very cute, but I don't see any instructions???

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    Thank you very much. I haven't add the instructions at this point but may later on. Things get crazy busy here between 3 little ones. :-)

    What an adorable dress! Did you enter it in the Color Contest, too?

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    No I didn't but thanks. I'll look into it. I appreciate the suggestion and the compliment. :-)

    Darn. Since I'm following you now I'll keep watch over you, too. ;-)

    Aww you're sweet. Thank you. :-)

    Oops I guess it's closed now. Must not have been ment to be.