Step 5: In goes the Output

Picture of In goes the Output
There is a speaker already installed in the Billy Bass, but it's kind of wimpy and not suited to live use, such as in a show. We will fix that by adding an output jack.

The speaker has two wires coming to it from the PCB. One goes to the positive terminal, one goes to the negative terminal. These should be marked on the speaker itself, but if not, dont worry, it's pretty easy to fix if you wire it backwards.

Take your output jack of choice (I used a 1/4" mono guitar jack, but you can use 1/8" jacks, RCA plugs, etc.) and wire one lug to each of the lugs on the speaker. I recommend trying out the various possibilities for wire placement with some alligator clips first, as those are easier to reverse than soldered wires. When you find the configuration that works, solder in the wires.