Picture of Circuit Board Earrings

This Instructable is for a simple little set of stud earrings made from something we all use daily, but we don't often see - the circuit boards in our myriad gadgets. You might even have a dead computer (or several...) sitting out in your garage, waiting to be scrapped at the recycling yard. Here's an opportunity to make something pretty before you haul it off.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

- Circuit board (obtainable from dead computers and various other electronics)

- Flat earring backs (obtainable at most craft stores or online, be sure to choose a metal that will not irritate your skin – I am using stainless steel here)

- Ear nuts (the part that slips on the back of the earring while you wear it, often sold with the backs but not always, so make sure you have both components or your earrings won’t stay in very well)

- Glue, E6000 is strongly suggested (available at just about any craft store, also online – superglue will work, but I’ve found its brittleness makes the pieces prone to popping off when earrings are removed, so the durability will be affected)

- Optional: clear nail polish OR two part resin, for sealing (nail polish available at drug stores or probably your bathroom, resin available at most craft stores or online)

bricobart1 year ago

Instead of sawing you can use a clock drill. The only thing you need to do is clocking a 'guide' in wood to avoid the hole in the middle of your piece. And btw, I love your wooden clamp! ;)

Maramas (author)  bricobart1 year ago

Thanks for the tip!

eclipsed1 year ago

Those look beautiful! I do think I kept the circuit board from my old computer , I keep a lot of random things for craft potential. I should try this, although I don't have that jewelers saw. I wonder if a dremel tool could cut it?

Maramas (author)  eclipsed1 year ago

A Dremel will indeed cut them, I've experimented with using one. The standard black cut-off wheels seem to work best, I had a fancy diamond one and the diamond stuff just abraded off. My main reason for doing it by hand is that the Dremel is kind of overkill, it's hard to stay super accurate because it just wants to zip through. For a simple shape like a circle though, it wouldn't be too bad, and if your cuts aren't as accurate, all it means is a little more filing to shape.

dbuckley61 year ago

looks great . I think a pair of cufflinks done like this would really stand out!

Maramas (author)  dbuckley61 year ago

I've actually made cufflinks, they do look quite nice. They're not in my Etsy shop at the moment, but I've made them in the past, and should probably put them back up.