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I made this on the fly. I hope the picture and drawings make it really really really really easy to understand.

Update! This is still going strong today. Have used it 100s of times (Sept 24, 2013) One leg broke and made a replacement in less then 3 minutes! Made a larger one also. Just think you can make one any size to fit your needs

Step 1: BOM (bill of Materials)

2 wire coat hangers (I told you NO Wire Hangers... EVEEEEERRRR)
4 sheet metal screws 3/4" long
4 washers (that fit on the sheet metal screws)
scrap piece O wood


needle nose pliers
wire cutters ( I have an O beat up pair that I cut coat hanger with)
or linesman pliers

Duct tape (you don't need it at all. I use it for moral support)

Step 2:

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I cut 2 pieces of C-hanger to about 6" and 2 more about 4 "
this is not Rocket Science so it approximate

****WARNING**** Always wear safety glasses

Bend the angles as shown in the drawing, I just went with comfortable width of the pliers.

Bend about 1" at the bottom and loop around the pliers (or use philips screwdriver)

I drilled four holes for the screws in the cornners of my scrap O wood
I think i used #10 screws and screw them into da holes.

The C hanger is quite flexible and will adapt to most size boards. Make different size boards and add a few more C hanger to hold up.
it held well and is pretty sturdy

Step 3: In Conclusion

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It may not be pretty but it holds up better then I thought. The top prongs are to insert into the through holes provided in the board to mount into a box. the c shape part is to hold a piece of board that don't have holes for mounting. also if it needs to grip the board better, put a large rubber band around the uprights.


JamesA107 (author)2016-05-09

Thank you

BluTiger (author)2012-10-24

thank you for your comments and support!
I love makin stuff

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