Circuit Board Wallet With RFID Blocking and Resistors





Introduction: Circuit Board Wallet With RFID Blocking and Resistors

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i used this instructable to build myself a new wallet. I decided to add some accents like velcro closures, aluminum tape to block RFIDs and resistors on the front to give it an ultra geeky look. Now when i pull out my wallet, i get gasps!



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    who's was it? plz post a link! thx!

    buddy nice work... awsme sir ji... will u pls mail me the steps on my id.. i knw it is bit weird to ask.. but i hope u will reply... thanku ji.. sidvasu..

    Please show us the steps and items needed to make one. We all need this! (Barclay's bank is now pushing "non-touch" credit cards to users.)

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    the instructions are up above in a previous instructable. i just got alumnium tape from the hardware store and put it on the inside of the wallet. i feel kinda weird repeating someone's instructable with only one real modification.